There are many questions that a family may need answered when someone passes away. We hope that we can answer some of these for you. If there are any others, please don't hesitate to contact us on +61 (0)419 584 424 for help.


Funerals can vary greatly in cost, depending on all the different elements and choices made by the family. Basically, the funeral costs can be broken into two types, the fee charged by the Funeral Director, and the Disbursements made on your behalf by them to the various bodies involved. disbursements are usually paid to the Church or chapel, the cemetery or crematorium, the newspapers for the funeral and death notice, the florist, doctors, etc.  AIFP members are required to detail the costs of funeral products (coffins/caskets, floral tributes etc.), services and facilities provided by them. Details of payments made on behalf of the client must also be made available.